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Frequently asked questions

During 2024, urban transport in Palma is free for holders and carriers of the Citizen Card or Intermodal Card. Therefore, rates and subscriptions will not apply to residents during 2024.


Throughout TIB and EMT Palma networks.
Throughout the EMT Palma network and at the TIB's Metro1 line.
For TIB Travel Card users, switching to EMT Palma network is free in a determined timespan: TIB » EMT Palma: within 60 minutes after validating the exit of a TIB vehicle and validating the entrance to an EMT Palma bus. EMT Palma » TIB:within 90 minutes after validating the entrance to an EMT Palma bus and validating the entrance to a TIB vehicle. Switching to EMT's airport lines is NOT free. When you switch to these lines from the TIB network, you'll be charged 1,15€ in your TIB Travel Card. When not coming from a TIB line, you'll be charged 5€.
The Citizen Card still works at EMT Palma network and also for TIB Metro1 line. If you use your TIB Travel Card and only travel with EMT Palma busses, you'll be charged 1,15€ per trip.
You can do it in the TIB website, at the metro and train expending machines and while on board of TIB buses. You CAN'T do it at the EMT Palma buses.
At the TIB network, you validate your card when you go in and out of the vehicle. A t the EMT Palma network you only validate your card when you enter the bus.
If you have an issue with your TIB Travel Card while using it in EMT Palma buses, you can place your claim at the TIB website. These claims can't be placed at EMT Palma website or EMT Palma Customer Service Bureau.
The Citizen Card is the cheapest way to pay. Depending on yur profile (resident, student, pensioner, extended family...) you’ll pay a personalized fee. Furthermore, if you are resident in Palma or in any other convened municipality, you can charge your card with one of our different travel passes: T-20 trips, T-50 trips or T-Month unlimited (resident, pensioner, minor or extended family), which suppose important savings comparing to a single ticket, and in the case of T-Month will allow you to travel unlimitedly within 30 natural days. Every pass is valid in all urban lines (except A1 and A2, where you can only use T-Month) and they expire 30 days after its first validation. The citizen card also allows a free transfer to any other line within 90 minutes after its first validation*. The T-10 trip card allows travelling in every urban line with a reduced fee. These cards can’t be recharged nor allow a free transfer. You can buy them in the EMT Customer Service Office, stationeries, tobacco shops and other authorized centers. You’l find the listing clicking here:
When you use your Citizen Card, you have 90 minutes to have a free transfer to any other urban line. To use it, only approach your card to the canceling machine and this will detect that you’ve taken a bus in the prior 90 minutes and won’t discount any fare. If your final destination is the Airport and you have to use first a urban line, to transfer to A1 or A2 later, when you take your first bus press number 3 on the canceling machine and then approach your card. This way you’ll be charged the airport fee depending in your profile. When you take the airport line and approach your card again, you won’t be charged. If you depart from the airport, when you take the bus you’ll pay the airport fare and, when you take the second bus, your transfer will be free.
Fares depend on the active profile in your card. This profile depends on your personal circumstances (student, pensioner, unemployed, etc.) To pay your personal fare according to your profile you have to have money in the card. You can also charge a travel pass that allows you a cheaper fare according to your needs. You can check actual fares clicking here:
It depends on the number of trips you make a month. If you take one trip a day or 4 to five a week, the best is T-20. For two trips or more a day, T-50, and for more than 4 a day, maybe the best is T-Month unlimited, with cheap prices for pensioners, extended families or students.
It it’s the same type of pass, there’s no need to wait but if you want to change it you will have to wait until the actual one expires.
Until you don’t use it for the first time it doesn’t start counting, no matter when you have charged it.
Children under 5 years can ride for free in every EMT line without a ticket, whenever they’re with an adult who has a ticket of his own and is responsible for them. Due to safety issues, an adult can carry only up to four children without a ticket. Every other person has to have a valid ticket, adequate for their profile and properly cancelled.
You only have to go to any Citizen Service Office of Palma’s Town Hall(OAC) or our own Customer Service Office with your citizen card and identity card if you’re over 14. To activate the profile for children under 14, one of his parents, registered with him, has to come with his own DNI and the child’s citizen card.
You can apply for it at the Citizens Offices of the Ajuntament de Palma (OAC) and in our Customers Service Office bringing in your DNI and the family book in case it’s for a minor. People living in municipalities convened in Citizens Card matters have to go to their own town halls. You can find info about applying and required documentation clicking here:
You may find the full list of municipalities which have signed agreements with the city of Palma for issuing the Citizen Card in this link.
Te recover it you have to come to the EMT Customer Service Office, where you’ll be able to ask for it to be returned bringing in your ID; if the card belongs to a minor on your behalf you’ll have to provide also his ID or family book. After a month you’ll be able to recover it at the same office providing your ID and after paying the fee for misuse stablished at the Palma’s Regulation of rights and duties of public transport users. If you haven’t validated your pass when entering the bus, you’ll have to par an extra fee of three times the single ticket of the line you’re using, to the inspector or at the EMT Customer Service Office within the next 5 days. If you don’t come, the card will be blocked and you’ll have to ask for a new one, after paying the extra fee.
Yes, and you’ll have to pay for the ticket, and even the fine if it’s been retired by an inspector.
You must try to pay with the most approximate amount to the ticket price, and anyway, with no more than 10€, as stablished at the Palma’s Regulation of rights and duties of public transport users.
EMT has a fully adapted fleet and disabled people using wheelchairs can access the vehicle through the middle door, where a ramp will be deployed by the driver. Rigut away you have to put yourself in the central platform at the wheelchair reserved space.
You can if it’s a small bag whenever it doesn’t bother or disturb other passengers, this must bu determined by the driver as the vehicle responsible. In lines A1 and A2 it is allowed and most of the vehicles have reserved spaces to store it during the trip, without bothering other users.
Yer, you can if the bike is folded and packaged, but you can’t carry a non-folded bike, a surf board or skates, if you’re wearing them.From October 2023 onwards, access is forbidden for electric scooters. 
Yes, whenever they’re on a leash and a muzzle. You can check the rules in the next link: You can also carry other small animals if they’re in a transport box or travel bag, whenever the driver considers they’re not a danger or nuisance to the other passengers.
You can access the bus through the central door when the stroller is open, whenever the vehicle occupation allows it. When you’re up, you have to immediately go to the central platform, activate all the safety measures of the stroller, keeping the child in it, with his safetybelt fastened, during the whole trip. The adult is always responsible for the child. You can also access the bus throug the front door with the closed stroller if occupation doesn’t allow it open.
There’s no need yo use the ramp for a single stroller, as our vehicles have a kneeling system that lower it to the ground. The ramp is only needed for twin strollers or disabled children strollers.
In every bus there are reserved seats for people with mobility issues, and whoever uses them has to yield them to whomever may need them, such as elderly people, pregnant women, or people using crutches.
Objects found in our vehicles are sent to the Lost&Found Office in 4, Jaume Garau St. (Avingudes building) next morning, where you can get them back. At EMT Customer Service Office we have a list we can check for you, but we never have the objects there.
Through any of the following options: • The forms you can find in the page: • The Claims sheet you can get at the EMT Customer Service (Josep Anselm Clavé, 5 bx 07002 Palma). • An email with full personal information and claims information at To file a claim over a sinister you must keep the ticket, the citizen card or the travel pass used to pay por the ticket, if it has happened inside one of our vehicles.
If you suffer any physical or matterial damage while on the bus, you have to tell the driver immediately so he can ask for medical or police help if needed and will take your data to fill the accident dispatch. Accidented users will have to get in touch with us by sending an email to and we'll inform you of the steps to follow.
You can check EMT’s web ( or download the free app MobiPalma. You can also write an e-mail to with your questions, phone 971 21 44 44 or come to our Customer Service Center in 5, Anselm Clave st. In Palma, where you have to come with an appointment you can book at:
There’s info about every line using the bus stop, at each one of them, where you can find the route from the bus stop you are in to the end of it. This way you can check coincident routes whenever there’s more than a single line, and choose the most convenient. To make things easier, the bus stop you’re at is marked with a red spot. You can also check maps at our marquees, at our website ( or at MobiPalma.
It’s a bus stop where two buses tan let people in and out at the time, no need to wait for the first one to end. Double stops shorten stop terms and so enroute duration. A double stop has a central marquee or pole, and a second pole signaled as 1 or 2. When a bus arrives it stops at number1 whenever it’s possible, and if it isn’t it stops at number 2 to let people in and out. Anyway, if a blind passenger wants to take that bus, it will stop again at the central bus stop even though it has already made a stop.
Yes, when you see your bus coming to the bus stop you have to wave so the driver knows you want to take it. You must also keep a safe distance from the road and don’t wait too near, so you don’t get hit by the rearviews. If when you arrive to the bus stop the bus has already stopped and left, it can’t open its doors again.
With the free app MobiPalma, that you can get in your appstore, for Android and IOS. Check EMT Bus and Bus arrival time. You can also save your most used bus stops and change its names to find them easier and set alarms minuts before the bus you’re waiting arrives to the selected bus stop. You can also check one of the 100 EMT screens available at most used bus stops that display the minutes left for each line bus to come to it.
No, it’s forbidden.
Everything you need to know about your rights and duties as a public transport user is stated at at the Palma’s Regulation of rights and duties of public transport users, since 21st december 2006, published at BOIB nº 14 dthe 27/01/2007.



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