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EMT-Palma is Palma Council’s municipal company that operates the public urban passenger transport in the city of Palma and its surroundings.
Its head office and customer care office are located in Carrer Anselm Clavé, no. 5, in the centre of Palma. The garages are on the Coll d’en Rabassa road in Son Ferriol, very close to Mercapalma.
The municipal company provides a transport service to more than 39 million passengers a year.
It directly or indirectly operates 29 bus routes that serve the city of Palma and also the neighbouring municipalities of Marratxí, Calvià and Llucmajor.
The company itself has around 670 employees.

EMT, a company that serves all residents

In 2015, EMT-Palma transported more than 39 million passengers, covering 12,772,286 kilometres with a network consisting of 31 bus routes in the municipalities of Palma, Llucmajor, Marratxí and Calvià.

This was possible thanks to the following factors:

  • Its own staff of 670 transport professionals, the majority of whom are drivers.

  • New routes and the continuous improvement of existing routes.

  • A Fleet comprising 180 buses.

  • The latest user information systems that are delivered via static and dynamic information at bus stops and on the buses themselves, a website, waiting time details at bus stops, the MobiPalma app for mobile devices that informs passengers about transport in real time, and also via phone, dedicated adverts, individual attention or telephone assistance from the company offices.

  • A payment system using the Citizen’s Card that permits the use of different tariffs depending on the user profile, and permits free changes between buses on urban routes and enables easy access to the transport system.

  • The use of heavily subsidised fares. With travel cards that offer a great deal for the user, as well as tourist and multi-travel cards. And significant subsidies for pensioners, students, university students, large families and residents are some of the reasons for this incredible increase by users.

  • Fleet operated with the help of a centralised Transportation Management System that allows for the real-time status of the fleet to be known and the best measures to be taken according to each circumstance in a fast and safe way.

  • Coordination with other municipal departments or institutions, with the ultimate aim of serving residents, especially in matters that directly affect the mobility of people, such as municipal carparks, road traffic management, public highway maintenance and the organisation of social events.


Another aspect of EMT that should be highlighted but is perhaps not as well known, is its collaboration on public events and activities of a recreational and festive nature that require direct, general transport at specific times, such as the Sant Sebastià Festivities, the Fira d’Abril, Diumenge de l’Àngel, All Saints, and many other major and emblematic events in the city of Palma.

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