Com utilitzar el bus

How to use the bus

Before getting on the bus

  • When the bus arrives, check its number and the direction shown on the signage on the upper front of the vehicle.

  • Wait beside the bus stop sign without stepping out onto the street or road and, when you see the bus approaching, indicate with your hand to let the driver know that you want to get on.

  • Try to have the travel card that you need to use ready, or the nearest amount of money possible (maximum €10) to pay for the ticket corresponding to the journey you want to make.

  • If the driver so indicates, objects, packages, etc. cannot be brought onto the bus owing to their size or characteristics, as these may adversely affect movement in the inside of the bus, or cause nuisance or danger to the other passengers.

  • If you are getting on with a baby buggy through the central door, once you have positioned the pushchair on the central platform and activated all its safety measures, you should go up to the driver to pay for your ticket or validate your card.

Getting on the bus

  • For your own safety, do not try to get onto the bus until it has fully stopped, nor when you see the doors closing and it is about to depart.

  • Entry should always be made through the front door, in turn, standing on the right if you have to buy a ticket and on the left if you are going to pay with the Citizen’s Card or Targeta 10 (Card 10), thereby avoiding inconvenience and crowding.

  • If you are buying a regular ticket, you must pay with the closest amount of money possible, and with a maximum of €10.

  • If you are using the Citizen’s Card, or Targeta 10 (Card 10), you must hold it up to the validating machine where the display will show you the remaining balance. If the validating machine emits three consecutive beeps, this means that the operation has not been successful, and you will have to check with the driver.

  • Once the driver has started driving, she/he is not obliged to stop to allow any more passengers onboard, as this may cause danger to traffic, and also may give rise to delays.

  • In unforeseen circumstances, such as breakdown or accidents, where a change of bus is required during the journey, passengers must make the change to the other vehicle using the same travel ticket, following staff instructions.

Free bus changes between different urban routes

  • This system is the best way possible to help passengers with their journeys and to reach their destination: within a maximum time period of 90 minutes, every EMT passenger can change buses to different urban bus routes for free, paying for only one single journey, as long as they have paid with the Citizen’s Card. For this operation, you need to hold the card up to the validating machine again, which will register the change of bus without any charge.

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