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Citizen Card

Citizen's contactless Card

The Citizen's contactless Card is a means which an individual may use to pay the bus ticket without having to carry cash.

The card allows the application of reduced individualized fares in accordance with specific profiles.

Also those who are not residents in Palma, but they have residence in the Autonomous region of the Balearic Islands can enjoy the civil card that will be issued free of charge.

Individuals who wish to have a Citizen's Card and reside in Palma proper, or in such Municipalities as have signed agreements with Palma, should contact their respective Town Hall. Within the city of Palma there are several Town Hall Offices (OAC) where a petition for a card may be submitted.

Card owners may recharge the card whenever they so wish, at numerous paper shops, kiosks, newsagents' and diverse commercial establishments. The full list of authorized establishments may be downloaded from the "documents section" found at the EMT website. Cards may also be recharged in special machines which have been installed for said purpose at main bus stops round Palma.


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