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Legal notice

The Empresa Municipal de Transports Urbans de Palma de Mallorca S.A. -E.M.T.-Palma- owns the web site, alongside with all its subdomains and alias, taking in charge its management. With these webs, EMT-Palma wants to boost the access to information related to passenger transport services.

Our aim is to offer an up-to-date and accurate information, trying to correct any mistakes observed.

However, E.M.T.-Palma is not held responsible for material included in this web. Such material:

-mainly consists of general information not regarding specific circumstances of determined people or organisms;

-does not necessarily offer exhaustive information, complete, exact or updated; specially not information susceptible of changing under unforeseen causes;

-contains links to external pages that E.M.T.-Palma does not control and from which refuses any responsibility;

We pretend to minimize service interruptions and problems causes by technical mistakes. However, some of the data and info contained in our webs can have been created in files not exempt of mistakes. This is the reason why we cannot guarantee that our service will not be interrupted of affected by any other kind of related problem. We are not held responsible for any interruption or deficiency in the service, neither for the problems resulting from the information checked in our current webs or the ones linked.

Any personal information collected by E.M.T.-Palma will be dealt with maximum confidentiality according to the legislation of protection of personal data, being able to be modified or cancelled by addressing to the Social Head Office of EMT-Palma located in 5, Josep Anselm Clavé, Palma de Mallorca.

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