transportation of dogs on the bus

Regulations for transportation of dogs on the bus

  1. EMT bus lines on where dogs are allowed to travel without dog carrier are L1, A1, A2, L2, L3, L4, L20, L35.L11, L14, L16, L24, L31, L32, L46 and L47.
    As of the 1st February 2020, the Empresa Municipal de Transportes (EMT) allows passengers to travel with their pets on another 8 bus lines more: As of February, this authorisation will be increased to another extra eight bus lines: L11, L14, L16, L24, L31, L32, L46 and L47. In addition to the bus lines already authorised: L1, A1, A2, L2, L3, L4, L20 and L35.
  2. Dogs not travelling in a dog carrier will be allowed only on those bus lines the EMT deems authorized to these effects.
  3. All dogs boarding the bus, must be tied on a lead and should a muzzle (except those traveling in a dog pannier).
  4. A ticket of 0,30€ should be bought for the dog travelling on the bus.
  5. Small dogs travelling in a dog pannier or another appropriate bag as well as a blind person’s dog, can travel free.
  6. Users will access the vehicle together with their dog through the front door. Once the ticket is paid, will be placed on the platform at the end of the bus.
  7. The driver can refuse to take on the bus an animal that is not wearing a muzzle, is not held on a lead, looks dangerous or has the possibility of causing serious discomfort to the passengers.
  8. The animals can only access when there is sufficient space on the bus.
  9. The driver can ask the owner at any time that an animal must get off the bus if it is disturbing other passengers or if it has an aggressive or dangerous behaviour.
  10. The dogs that are included on the PPP list (Potentially Dangerous Dogs) will not be accepted on the bus.
  11. The pet owner must maintain control of the dog all the time. Also, it is not allowed to put the dogs on the seats. The EMT Staff will not be responsible for the animal at any rate.
  12. The animals transported on the bus are the entire responsibility of the person who is traveling with them.
  13. The owner of the animal will be the responsible of any damage caused for the same at any other person or ownership that will be on the bus. The cost of any repair or cleaning will be in charge of the owner of the animal.
  14. All the animals will be transported under the responsibility of his owners and the company not be, in any case, responsible of losses or damages.

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